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Arbors and Arches

Untitled design (24).jpg

Wood Circle Arbor


1 count

7.2 FT

Untitled design (26).jpg

Black Square Arbor


1 count

10 x 10 FT

Untitled design (29).jpg

White Hexagon Arbor


1 count

7.2 FT

Untitled design (28).jpg

Three gold Arch backdrop

$25 per arch

3 count

6FT, 5FT, 4FT

yup (4).jpg

Three Black 
Square backdrop

$25 per arch

1 count of 3

6.2FT, 5.2FT, 4.3FT

yup (6).jpg

BackDrop Curtains


Black, White, Gold, Burgundy

Untitled design (25).jpg

Wood Triangle Arbor


1 count

10.2 x 8.4 FT

Untitled design (27).jpg

Balloon arch


1 count

7.2 FT

yup (5).jpg

Backdrop stand


2 count

12x10ft and 6x6ft


Whether you have an idea of what you're looking for, or you don't know where to start, we've got you! We aim to smash the stress of narrowing down your ideas and turning them into a seamless design! That's why, in addition to rentals, we offer inspirational pairings, as well as design services.

we're here to help!

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